Talent Pool – Senior Fluids Engineer – Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Infotec Brasil

Responsible for all drilling fluids and cementing engineering related matters throughout the well planning and construction. 

Responsabilidades e atribuições

  1. Prepare optimized well fluid, cementing and geo-mechanic programmes by consolidating geological and petroleum engineering data, data from offset well (if any) and from previous experience gained and continuous improvements on well fluid and geo-mechanics efficiency;
  2. Prepare accurate well fluid, cementing and geo-mechanic cost estimate by identifying all cost elements required for the operations;
  3. Prepare the correct scope of works and well fluid, cementing and geo-mechanic technical specifications for tender packages by analyzing and reviewing base requirements with respect to project needs;
  4. Reduce non-productive time and trouble cost related to well fluid and hole making by identifying problems and recommend remedial action;
  5. Continuous advice on project team(s) daily well fluid properties and cost by assessing and monitoring daily well fluid report and Daily Drilling Reports;
  6. Continuous advice on well fluid cost and schedule impact to the project(s) by assessing the project performance indicators;
  7. Ensure initial project start-up and pre-spud well fluid, cementing materials and services are timely available by detail mobilization planning and load-out sequencing;
  8. Reduce non-productive time and trouble cost related to well fluid and hole making by identifying problems and recommend remedial action;
  9. Consolidate, capture and verify all well fluid, cementing and geo-mechanic technical information and disseminate them to the various drilling engineers in various projects teams so as to ensure everybody is well-updated on technologies application for drilling activities;
  10. Lead and supervise the implementation of the well fluid, cementing and geo-mechanics programme in the project team(s) to ensure all activities are operated in safe and cost effective manner;
  11. Review, analyze and modify the base requirement for the scope of work and technical specifications for the tender packages to be in line with project requirement and meeting the minimum cost concept and HSE requirement;
  12. Ensure on contracted drilling rigs and 3rd party Well Fluid and Cementing equipment, materials and supplies compliance to contract technical specifications and PETRONAS’ and Host Country safety standards by participating on site rig inspections, acceptance test;
  13. Provide continuous advice to respective project team(s) on daily well fluid properties, hole stability and cost impact, if any to ensure safe and cost-effective operations;
  14. Assist in procurement activities for well fluid, cementing and geo-mechanic input and technical;
  15. Work with Geologists, Drilling Superintendent, Senior Drilling Engineer (s), Drilling Engineer (s), Drilling Supervisors, Logistics and Host Authorities on Drilling Operation;
  16. Review Invoices from contractors prior for payment, and compliance with COMPANY system & policy;
  17. Monitor in adherence with quality control, COMPANY policy, HSE and environmental guidelines;
  18. Responsible to review well program, contractual and drilling operations related matters;
  19. Conduct Audit on 3rd party contractors to ensure quality of equipment and services for drilling operations.

Requisitos e qualificações


  • Minimum a B.S. degree in Engineering;
  • Ten (10) years of experience in drilling fluids engineering and operation with minimum 5 years’ experience in deep water;
  • Availability to go to rig site as required;
  • Familiar offshore and floater drilling rig operations;
  • Fluent in English.

Informações adicionais

Para se candidatar a esta vaga visite infotecbrasil.gupy.io.