Talent Pool – Pore Pressure Specialist – Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Infotec Brasil

Design and conduct pore pressure prediction studies by using the results of pore pressure evaluations of existing wells and available data that can be used in a predictive sense such as geological models, seismic data and processing results, basin models and petroleum systems studies. QC seismic velocity data evaluate if and where seismic-derived velocities can be used to predict pore pressure and generate velocity to pressure transforms if and where appropriate.

Responsabilidades e atribuições

  1. Generate detailed pore pressure profiles for planned exploration and development wells to be used for well design and planning or 3D pore pressure volumes to be used for asset evaluation, prospect maturation and preliminary well designs;
  2. Liaise with drilling engineers and asset teams to help optimize well designs and data acquisition plans and evaluate drilling and data acquisition risks and provide reports and documentation on these activities;
  3. Conduct and monitor technically sound interpretations of pore pressure in wells being drilled, based on all available data such as LWD (GR, density, sonic and resistivity) logs, drilling gas trends, drilling parameters, events and observations, and direct calibration data in the form of kicks or direct pressure measurements;
  4. Update pressure predictions ahead of the bit, if and when possible and interact with contractors and the well construction team to assist in the safe and stable drilling of exploration and development wells;
  5. Provide post-drill evaluations of the pore pressure and compare with pre-drill predictions to facilitate learning and knowledge management.
  6. Report and document findings.

Requisitos e qualificações


  • Degree in Geoscience (Geology, Geophysics), Physics or Engineering (Petroleum, Mechanical, Civil & Mining);
  • Fifteen (15) years’ experience as an explorationist or operation geologist with hands-on function in pore pressure related activities will be an added advantage and minimum of 5 years’ experiences in Pre-Salt Exploration & Development in Campos & Santos Basin, Brazil;
  • Possess skill/knowledge in GEO Premium, WellXP & Geolog;
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese.

Informações adicionais

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