Gocase is a5-year-old startup from Brazil. We are the largest e-commerce of customizablecases and accessories in Brazil and we want to be the leaders not only here,but in the world We have already begun to expand at an accelerated pace. Wesell products designed by artists from all over the world to more than 130countries, and we are currently with offices in Brazil and in the Netherlands . We are a LoveBrand in love with our customers, with more than 4 million fans online. Ourbusiness is about fashion, art, fun, and innovation We dream big and we have ateam motivated by challenges. Our work environment is collaborative and idealfor those who want to qualify more and more. Here, wevalue who goes there and makes it happen in a constantly changing market. Weact and adapt quickly to change, and we aim to be always ahead. We’re looking for a finance intern with a great sense of entrepreneurship, ableto simplify problems, seek quick and coherent solutions and willing to deliverprojects that cause great impact. We’re also searching for someone who’sorganized, enjoys teamwork and is always looking for possibilities to improvefinancials processes. The position is for 30 hrs/week. RESPONSABILITIES Accounts payable and receivable process; Maintain up to date ERP information; Daily and monthly cash flow reports; Elaboration of bank reconciliation; Control of fix fund and credit card payments; Analyze and interpret financial data and recommend changes to improve insight into business and financial performance; Elaboration of analysis and presentation of suggestions for readjustments or subjects that require attention. REQUIREMENTS Studying in Higher Education in Administration, Accounting, Economics or related areas; Intermediate Excel and Office Package; Intermediate English. WHAT WE OFFER Adrenaline Who would not want to work in a young, multinational company that is growing in stride? Salary scholarship; Happy hour every friday Free Gocase products.

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