Resumes in English must be sent to IMPORTANT: Mexican citizenship preferred. Mandatory to have very good comprehension of Japanese, English and Spanish Job Description: Company Our client is a global leader in the development and manufacture of high-end release agents and related process chemical specialties used by customers in industries like automotive and component manufacturing, household items, construction, wind energy, marine, electronics and packaging. Through 50 years of product innovation and unmatched customer service, the company has developed a strong reputation as a partner to manufacturers worldwide. The company has production facilities and offices in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, India, Japan, North America, and Southern Hemisphere. This company is part of a group of over $4 billion USD in sales revenues. Position Specifications: Responsible for handling and translation of Japanese correspondence and to act as an advisor, interpreter and team member of the management group that interfaces with Japanese corporations. Additionally, to maintain a strong continuing relationship with Japanese transplant customers in North America. Dimensions: Japanese Transplant business represents a significant percentage of total division volume. The prioritized goal is for to generate a greater profit margin thus producing a positive impact on the overall composition of the financial situation of the company. Key Result Areas: · Develop and maintain an amicable relationship with all Japanese transplant customers to ensure a strong relationship in the North America and Japan. · Support domestic sales at Japanese transplant operations in North America market which will ultimately provide a stronger presence in Japan. · Monitor and coordinate all sampling and testing activities at all Japanese transplant accounts to provide growth opportunities. Position will report to Business Director. · Senior Manager, Special Accounts position is essential in growing and maintaining the Japanese Transplant customers in North America and provides with increased value, thus enabling us to maintain a premium price for our products. · Main Working Relationships: · Working relationships with Japanese Transplant locations and corporate contacts in North America and Japan. · Professional Associations · Japanese Co suppliers · Related Japanese facilities worldwide that may have an impact on decision making. Problem Solving-Solving / Complexity: The most difficult part of the job is the sensitivity that is involved in the translation of correspondence (to and from Japanese companies) and to act as an interpreter in business matters where required. Candidate Requirements: This job requires a person who is fluent and can speak, write, read with a very good comprehension of Japanese, English and Spanish languages; a strong communicator. Previous experience with the Japanese and North America business markets is another criteria that must be met for this position; also, the person must be computer literate.

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