The Director of Insights and Analytics will have considerable research experience with television and non-linear media brands.

The role requires knowledge of audience behavior across various platforms, industry measurement challenges and alternatives, and ability to create & tell stories driven by data insights that will build upon and/or lead to meaningful business strategy and direction. This person will be tasked with building strong collaborative relationships across local research, content and sales teams.


1. Provide insight driven analysis on market & consumer trends.

2. Partner with ad sales insights & planning team in development of consumer and brand studies.

3. Work closely with the content team on providing insights that will help program Discovery’s linear and non-linear offering.

4. Leverage analytical tools, syndicated research and audience measurement tools to derive insights that will help gain a greater understanding of our consumer.

5. Ideate innovative research studies that bring our audience to life in new ways and create opportunities to differentiate our content and consumers vs our competitors.

6. Proactively share and present research findings both internally and externally.

7. Drive an understanding of metrics and use analytics to inform the digital strategy on streams, watch-time, engagement and find trends that help inform programming cross platform.

8. Be Discovery Corporate representant in the market for themes related to Ratings, Research, Consumer Insights and Trends

9. Be a multiplatform expert, staying current with product updates, across social media platforms, TVE/VOD, websites, search and emerging platforms.

10. Coach, develop, challenge, inspire and manage a team of contributors

11. Act as a consultant, bringing insights and challenging the team for different POVs.

12. Be an active member of the digital transformation


* Requires 10+ years market research experience, with a minimum of 3+ years in digital audience/media research.

* Strong analytical and strategic skills.

* Education – Minimum Bachelors degree (preferred undergraduate majors include computer science, psychology, mathematics, marketing, communications/media)

* Hands-on experience with Kantar/IBOPE, Comscore, Google Analytics, and Facebook Insights data, as well as, data management is a must.

* Qualified candidates will have a demonstrated track record in analyzing and interpreting research from a variety of sources with the ability to tell a story from this information that helps drive strategic decisions.

* Strong presentation skills – ability to tailor their story to the right audience.

* Strong communication and project management skills are essential.

* Research experience in Latin America or US Hispanic strongly preferred.

* Demonstrate a “self-starter” mentality

* Work as a team player.

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